A collaborative platform to help Hydrock thrive

Hydrock is a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy business and specialist land remediation contracting company.  The business operates in a very collaborative way across its different disciplines and offices supporting clients with their specific project requirements. To support this way of working, Hydrock has chosen to implement Union Square for Project Accounting, a system designed to manage financial information effectively and streamline business processes.

Initially Hydrock wanted a new system to provide a more robust picture of its finances than the infrastructure currently in place.  However, when introduced to Union Square, Hydrock’s senior management recognised the opportunity to integrate other business processes and reduce the need for multiple applications and data duplication.

“We knew our financial system needed an overhaul, but Union Square proposed more than this, it offered a collaborative platform to manage all our company information.  It is a portal enabling access to everything you might need on a daily basis.” – Dave Lawes, Director Programme Delivery

Hydrock monitors the profitability of each department, but wanted to go further and give project managers the tools to manage the financial position of their projects as well as the quality of delivery which it has always focused on.  Union Square’s Project Accounting functionality delivers a snapshot of a project’s performance, and will enable staff to more efficiently manage the financial routines associated with running a project and highlighting the aspects that need attention.  With data stored in a central location, this information can be accessed anywhere, ensuring the relevant staff are always informed.  Comprehensive reporting is available to manipulate this data, empowering key staff to make a tangible improvement to project delivery.

“I recognised the power Union Square could bring to project management, but also how broad the system is.  It can contribute to the wider business as a whole.”

With multiple applications in use, Hydrock departments have to work harder to collaborate on multi-disciplinary projects.  Union Square will enable the entire business to work in a streamlined manner, ensuring a consistent and efficient approach to all business processes.  Hydrock employees will be able to use the system’s intuitive searching capabilities to find any email, sent or received, in seconds.  Emails are automatically tagged against the relevant projects and contacts, helping employees to manage detailed project correspondence.