A growing international client base

Union Square is happy to reveal the recent success of its Australasian office.  Over the last six months a further eight Australasian organisations have partnered with Union Square in an effort to better manage information and drive efficiency.

Union Square’s objective is to save your business time and money by effectively organising project information.  This is the founding principle that has driven Union Square to secure over 350 clients across the built environment in the UK over the last 13 years, and has supported its growth overseas to Australasia and more recently Canada.  Some of the latest Australasian clients that have come on board include Murchie Consulting, Dempsey Wood, Mills Gorman and Jonathan Pilton Walker Architects.

“We are hugely excited with the prospect of working alongside such reputable businesses and look forward to building lasting relationships.  We work with our clients every step of the way, easing them through implementation and providing ongoing support once they are live.  It is an exciting time for us here at Union Square with our client base growing faster than ever.” – Will Yandell, Australian Director at Union Square.

Alongside the international growth that it is experiencing, over the last year Union Square has hosted a number of events across the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, offering businesses the chance to learn about how they can improve internal processes and increase efficiency.  With a variety of client and industry speakers along with live software demonstrations, these events provide a balance of real-life case studies, expert opinions and software insights, designed to maximise the use of your time out of the office.

We are currently planning our next season of events in 2015.  Keep an eye on our website for more information.