An important step to improve quality assurance

Mason Navarro Pledge is a Consulting Civil and Structural Engineering practice, boasting an impressive portfolio of projects in the UK and overseas. MNP have previously been talent-spotted by Building Magazine as a ‘top 10 Innovative SME with big ideas’.  This creative and innovative thinking is behind MNP’s success and has now led the company to invest in Union Square, the leading information management system for architects, engineers and consultants.

Senior management sought to improve the way the practice viewed and managed information.  They wanted a system that was intelligent enough to search, track and interpret data, enabling staff to make informed decisions on a daily basis.

“We want to analyse our projects and establish which sectors are most profitable, and to see where we can improve performance on a particular project. This will help us plan and deliver our projects more effectively in the future.” – Stuart Pledge, Director.

Documents are currently saved into various yellow folder structures and it was recognised that this information had to be better managed to increase efficiency.  Quality assurance was also an issue MNP wanted to improve and saw Union Square as the platform to do this.  Union Square simplifies and automates quality assurance procedures and ensures the company has consistency across all documentation.  The system also lets you evidence any document or email that has been sent or received by saving all past correspondence.

“We see Union Square as imperative to satisfying a robust quality management system.  We have now standardised all our documents and with the automated procedures Union Square will bring us, we will guarantee consistency across the practice.”

Stuart was also aware of the commercial advantages Union Square provides, streamlining how MNP operates, improving project visibility and giving staff the tools to make proactive and better decisions.  This desire to change began at management level but Stuart explained how the staff now see it affecting them:

“They are looking forward to the amount of time it will save.  Just being able to access information quickly and have intelligent search capabilities, will improve how we all use and access information on a day to day basis.”