AOC Interiors unites its project teams

AOC Interiors delivers projects nationwide, ranging in value from a few thousand pounds to several million.  Based in Essex, the company is passionate about delivering projects to a high standard, on time and on budget.  With over 35 years’ experience in creating new interiors, AOC specialises in commercial, residential, heritage, industrial and retail and has now chosen to improve the management of project and business information.

Having discussed investing in a new system for some time, senior management at AOC were considering a non-industry specific solution.  Union Square for Construction is designed specifically for businesses in the construction industry, something that appealed to AOC.  This, along with the large client base of construction companies similar to AOC, was enough to convince them that Union Square was the best option.  David Cummings, Pre Construction Manager, explained one of the reasons for change:

“Our biggest problem was internal communication; a lot of this was done by word of mouth.  This meant issues we had at one end of the business were not properly communicated to the rest of us, negatively affecting project performance.” – David Cummins, Pre-Construction Manager.

As well as improving the internal communications in the business, Union Square will automate procedures across all departments.  This automatic capture of information not only saves fee-earning time but also ensures data is never lost or duplicated.  With centrally stored data, access to project information is simple.  Regardless of location, staff can access all the relevant project information quickly and with ease.  AOC has also opted for the Mobile Site Pack module that ensures on site data capture, task management and reporting happens seamlessly, truly uniting the project teams.

Visibility across the entire business is also an important feature of efficient information management.  Project managers can now see all correspondence related to a project, with emails and documents all being ‘tagged’ against it.

“From a management perspective, we now have a live snapshot of what everyone is working on.  This is important to the business as it gives us the opportunity to assess a project’s performance at any stage of the project lifecycle.“