Ashe Construction to improve project efficiency

Operating out of offices in Hertfordshire and Leicestershire, Ashe Construction manages the design and construction of buildings for public and private sector clients nationwide. Serving a range of markets and industries, Ashe specialises in new construction, internal and external refurbishment, alterations and fit-outs. The business has recently invested in Union Square to improve efficiency across its departments.

Ashe currently has three separate systems in place to manage all of its project information. It was decided that too much time was being wasted re-keying data, as well as searching for documents or emails. A discussion with Andrew Morris, Business Development Director, revealed the decision to change:

“We didn’t have a single point for project information, be it documents, emails or any other item relating to a project. We want to be efficient in the way we work, minimising time wastage enabling us to focus solely on what we do best; delivering great projects.”

By reducing the amount of time wasted on tedious tasks and ensuring the regulation of procedures, staff are better able to commit to the tasks that they thrive on without being restricted. The system also offers visibility across the various departments, ensuring the business works together seamlessly and without delay.

“We will have visibility throughout the business and a trail of all correspondence, right back to the initial telephone call.”

The ability to quickly retrieve project information was high on the list of requirements for Ashe Construction. With Union Square, not only is information just a few clicks away, staff know they are always working from the latest version. Once they have finished editing a document, they can check it back in to the centralised system and the rest of the business can see it. There is no risk of multiple versions being created and no time wasted working out which one should be used. Should a mistake be made, historical versions are saved and can always be restored if required.