BdR offers a wide range of services to suit the needs of its expanding client base. Located in Kent, the business employs over 20 talented engineering professionals. Having experienced significant growth in recent years, the management team decided to invest in Union Square for AEC Professionals, to integrate all their business systems and improve efficiency.

BdR currently uses a bespoke solution for handling timesheets but this didn’t communicate with the company’s other business systems, inevitably resulting in double or even triple handling of data. This lack of integration has been consistent across other areas of the business; staff are wasting fee-earning time on laborious, administrative tasks.

“We handle over 1,000 jobs per year, all of which need processing and tracking. We wanted everything to follow a process and this was very difficult without an integrated system.” – Dominic de Mattos, Managing Director.

The whole management team agreed Union Square for AEC Professionals would be the ideal solution. As staff numbers and turnover increased, so did the quantity of data being handled, becoming increasingly unwieldy. Union Square combats this by offering a single window into a business’s entire database of information, where documents and emails can be easily retrieved using the intuitive search functionality. By having a fully integrated system, data doesn’t need to be entered twice, reducing the administrative burden on BdR’s staff. Dominic went on to discuss the decision to invest:

“It was clear to us that by implementing Union Square, we would inevitably increase our efficiency. It has become increasingly difficult to keep on top of the various forms of information, like emails and timesheets; Union Square will enable us to work smarter and with more control.”

BdR has included the Project Accounting module, primarily to help project runners get a handle on resource management. By consolidating financial information, managing and planning a project is made simple. A snapshot view of resource allocation, utilisation and availability ensures proactive decisions can always be made on each project.