Cook Brown invests to improve

Cook Brown Building Control is an independent corporate approved inspector. The business provides building regulation approvals for all types of construction projects throughout England and Wales, currently employing around 20 people. After growing at a rate of over 400% in the last two years, Matt Brown, Director, decided to invest in Union Square for AEC Professionals after successfully utilising the software at his previous practice.

Cook Brown use Dropbox for file sharing along with Microsoft Access, a set-up that wasn’t designed for the company’s current size. It was clear that a robust information management system was required, as Matt explained:

“We knew we needed a robust system in place. There are risks with the way we operate, such as information being deleted or issues with security; these things need to be avoided as you grow as a business. We are also looking towards ISO accreditation and we see Union Square as the platform to facilitate this.” – Matt Brown, Director.

A key benefit that Union Square will provide Cook Brown is easy access to project information. Staff are often on site and communicating with the office can be difficult. Having to email spreadsheets or documents back and forth is time consuming, increases the risk of incorrect versions being used and can lead to data duplication. Union Square has a central repository for project information, which can be accessed remotely. This joins up the entire business, keeping remote workers ‘connected’ and ensuring project teams always work efficiently.

Matt discussed his rationale behind the decision to invest in Union Square:

“Union Square represented the best value for money. We considered other options but they all fell short of Union Square’s offering. It comes out the box, yet can be tweaked to individual client’s precise requirements. It’s also a tried and tested product in the industry so was the obvious choice for us.”

Project runners will be able to generate comprehensive reports quickly and with live data, while needing less time for admin. This time can then be re-distributed as fee earning work.