CPUK invest in construction specific system

Construction Partnership UK is a flourishing building contractor based in North West England.  The company has completed an array of projects including residential, industrial, commercial, education and healthcare.  After using a variety of different systems in the past, CPUK has invested in Union Square for Construction, the leading project management system for the built environment.

CPUK had a web-based information management solution that was in use for 18 months.  While it was initially chosen to improve on site working and collaboration, it didn’t work as well as expected, so senior management looked elsewhere for a fully integrated solution.  Stuart Whittle, Finance Director explained what the company was looking for:

“We were looking for construction specific software, something that really understands the problems we face in the industry.  Once we spoke with a Union Square representative, we could see that it was exactly what we needed.” – Stuart Whittle, Finance Director.

Union Square for Construction is a project management solution designed to give the user complete control of documents, offering remote information access, a fully auditable trail and ensuring users can always find the latest versions.

“Our main objective is to save time for our site teams; they have a key role in the business so saving them time, will in turn help us deliver better and higher quality projects.  In recent years they have become swamped with paperwork, and we knew this had to change.”

With modules such as Drawing Management and Contract Communication, CPUK will be able to save hours of administration time each week.  Union Square can automate drawing control and distribution and make them easily searchable in the system.  With Contract Communication included, CPUK has a ‘one stop shop’ for managing all the day-to-day admin on its projects, boosting efficiency in the company and ensuring everything is tracked.  Union Square’s Mobile Site Pack makes the process of site data capture, task management and reporting automated, creating a unified project team that saves time and delivers information to the rest of the company with ease and accuracy.

“Since signing up with Union Square, we realised the benefit of working with a company that offers such great support and development.  With past systems, we’ve been given a helpline and left to fend for ourselves, but with Union Square we have a dedicated Project Manager, on-site training, videos and online help available! There really is a network of support throughout the whole process.”