Deeley Group chooses construction-specific solution

Deeley Group is a forward thinking construction contractor with specialist skills and experience in designing and building a wide range of properties and developments.  Based in Coventry, the company employs over 50 members of staff, completing projects across the UK.  Striving to improve the management of emails, documents and projects, senior management decided to invest in the construction-specific information management system, Union Square.

The biggest challenge Deeley Group faced was the management of emails.  Ensuring staff file their emails properly is always a challenge, and this was no exception at Deeley.  In our industry today, it has never been more vital to have a record of all correspondence coming in and out of the company, something that Union Square tracks automatically.  Deeley Group was managing information across various Microsoft applications, with project information stored in separate folders, often on people’s own desktops.  Senior management wanted to consolidate all this information, reducing data re-entry and making it easier to search for documents.

“A surveyor left the company and when trying to take over his jobs, we found it extremely difficult to locate any emails or correspondence between him and external companies.” – Martin Gallagher, Managing Director.

Union Square provides a central platform for all business and project information to be stored and shared.  Emails, documents and drawings are tagged against their relevant contacts and projects then stored in a repository the whole company has access to, regardless of location.  So if someone leaves the business, the project information is still available to everyone else.  Union Square has worked in the construction industry for 13 years, so the services provided are tailored to companies in this sector, an important factor for Deeley in the decision to invest.

“I could see the benefits of using Union Square, and when I saw the existing case studies they have with companies similar to ourselves, it gave us all the confidence that they can deliver.”

An area that particularly impressed Martin was Union Square’s RFI management.  This lets you track and record requests for information, adding them to a central register.  The distribution and response to RFI’s are automated, saving time and streamlining the way the company deals with this important information.  Further to this, the whole project team has access to this information, including remote workers, ensuring staff work together towards a common goal.