Financial management tailored to you

ChandlerKBS is a flourishing independent consultancy offering a wide range of services including cost and project management, risk assessment, procurement and expert advice.  Operating throughout Europe, the company has delivered a host of projects, providing innovative solutions for excellent value.  As a leader in its industry, ChandlerKBS has invested in Union Square for Project Accounting, a solution designed to manage project finances efficiently.

The consultancy had a system in place for the last seven years, but the functionality didn’t suit the requirements of the business.

“We wanted a system with a flexible reporting structure; this was key for us.  We are a growing business and needed something that could facilitate our changing demands, and grow with us.  The Union Square team have been honest in their approach.  They are very enthusiastic, and that enthusiasm is infectious.” – Simon Parkhouse, Partner.

Simon was aware of Union Square software and upon receiving some marketing information on the full scope of Union Square’s Project Accounting model, he decided to look at how the system could improve processes at ChandlerKBS.  Union Square is a modular system, which allows you to ‘bolt on’ additional modules.  This flexibility was a real draw for Simon, as it will allow ChandlerKBS to implement the system in the manner suited to them.

Union Square prides itself on the relationship it creates and maintains with all its clients.  This is highlighted by the level of reinvestment and development that takes place internally, providing a product and service that is always improving in line with the client’s needs.  As an expanding business, ChandlerKBS had the assurance that the system will facilitate its growth, providing ongoing support and adapting to the industry’s changing demands.  This was what set Union Square apart from the competition.  Simon went on to discuss further benefits he felt Union Square would offer:

“Union Square clearly demonstrates its commitment to its clients and works hard to ensure that the user experience is as smooth as possible. The feedback from our staff has all been very positive.  Union Square are adding new functionality to the software all the time, and because of the modular set-up, we will be able to select what we want to use when we are ready to adapt our system in the future. The attention to customer service has been first class.”

ChandlerKBS is set to enjoy the benefits of an integrated financial management system linking up with its existing SAGE accounting package.  The system can provide a ‘snapshot’ of a project’s performance, enabling them to make informed decisions.  A flexible reporting structure empowers the project managers, putting the relevant information in their hands.  Finally, the Resource Forecasting module offers a holistic view of resource allocation, utilisation and availability.  This provides a window into the full spectrum of financial information required when planning for the future.