Information at your fingertips

Infrastructure specialists Dragon Infrastructure Solutions, operate as one of the UK’s largest independent connection providers, covering the residential, commercial and renewable sectors.  The company’s turnover has more than doubled in the last year in line with growth, which prompted senior management to seek a solution for consolidating information and improving operational efficiencies, resulting in the implementation of Union Square for AEC Professionals.

“We used yellow folders and directories to store and search for information.  This was something that had worked for us, but with the growth of the company we recognised the need for that next level of investment in our system.” – Debbie Edgar, Commercial Director.

Debbie explained how emails couldn’t be tracked or linked to projects, which meant there was limited visibility for users beyond their own inbox.  Information was stored across several yellow folder structures, meaning time was wasted searching, with no guarantee that the required file could be located.  Drawings were issued manually, with a reliance on individuals to keep the information ‘live’, something that could not always be controlled and resulted in out-of-date data.

“As a company we are always looking to improve, we saw that Union Square could bring a range of benefits to our company and recognised the value in an integrated system.”

Union Square for AEC Professionals is the industry’s leading information management system.  It provides operational benefits to businesses by increasing project productivity, improving collaboration, mitigating risk and allowing for efficient remote working.

Since the implementation of Union Square, Dragon Infrastructure Solutions has improved the visibility of its communications, both internal and external.  Each department relies heavily on seeing up-to-date information and can now do so thanks to the integrated nature of Union Square.  Documents and emails are stored centrally and can be linked to the relevant project, organisation and contact, drastically reducing the time spent searching for information and saving users countless hours that can be utilised elsewhere.  Debbie added:

“One of the key benefits has been the level of statistics we are now able to report on.  Union Square provides instant, live statistics giving accurate reporting to our commercial department.”