Integrated, organised and live in 10 weeks

David Chipperfield Architects recently invested in Union Square for Project Accounting with the aim of managing its financial information in a more collaborative manner.  The practice has developed a diverse and successful international body of work, having completed projects all over the world.  With offices in London, Berlin, Milan and Shanghai, it is paramount that it uses software tailored to a company of its nature, and designed to manage financial information accurately, while ensuring the integrity and accessibility of the data never falls into question.

The idea of implementing a new software solution can be daunting; this is why Union Square treats every client with the same respect and enthusiasm, and endeavours to work with them throughout the process.  Union Square is highly responsive to bespoke requirements and particular needs from clients, resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties. This was the case for David Chipperfield Architects, in that the practice had a limited timescale for implementation and needed the system to be up and running as soon as possible.  Union Square was happy to take on the challenge, and from the day the deal was signed, it took just 10 weeks to get David Chipperfield Architects live with the Union Square system.

David Chipperfield Architects initially wanted an integrated solution that could produce figures and reports relating to the financial status of a project.  The company had been using multiple software packages for different areas of financial management, which was time consuming and led to the double handling of data.  Senior management also felt there were areas that hadn’t been explored in relation to project management, and upon viewing Union Square, they realised the full scope that was on offer.

With Union Square for Project Accounting, David Chipperfield Architects now has an instant view of a project’s performance, supported by flexible reporting and up-to-date statistics.  The power is well and truly in the project managers’ hands, enabling them to make informed and proactive decisions.  With the Purchase Order Processing functionality, David Chipperfield Architects can keep track of purchase orders against a project’s budget as soon as they have been raised.  This cost will then be translated into an actual cost in the system once paid.  It also allows them to classify suppliers and sub-consultants, so they can keep track of who they are dealing with which helps inform their decisions in the future.  The addition of the Resource Forecasting module means the practice has a companywide view of all resource allocation.  Whether this is resource allocation, availability or utilisation, live reporting provides a transparent view of current allocation by project, skill set and rating; letting you assign appropriate members of staff to future projects without any risk.