MCS Group streamline to cope with information overload

MCS Group is the latest building contractor to join Union Square’s growing client base.  The Warwickshire based business operates within motor retail, commercial, industrial, residential and educational sectors from new build to refurbishment projects.  Employing over 50 people, the company began searching for a knowledge management system to cope with the increasing levels of information across the company.

Since its formation in 2003, MCS has always used a yellow folder structure to manage documents.  Manual processes have been in place for issuing drawings, and templates are created in Word or Excel.  The MCS board were keen to improve the archiving of information, concerned that it was often misplaced and fee-earning time was wasted re-entering data.

“The catalyst for change was in understanding how we can archive information better.  We knew it was important for the business to make this next step regarding our technological infrastructure.” - Alan Shadbolt, Commercial Director.

MCS Group wanted a robust document management system to act as a platform, storing project and business information centrally, making it easier to access documents and emails.  One of the key areas of improvement that Union Square will bring to MCS Group is with the management of emails.  With emails becoming increasingly prevalent in the construction industry, there is a growing level of information that needs to be tracked and saved.

“There was the concern that if a member of staff left, we would struggle to find all their email correspondence.  At times it could certainly be very cumbersome trying to get hold of the right email within a project.”

With Union Square in place, emails are all automatically saved and tagged against the relevant contact and project, giving the company visibility of all project information and reducing the time users spend searching for an email they received weeks or months before!  Alan discusses how important the system will be to the staff as well as senior management.

“Union Square will help us streamline our processes; we duplicate an awful lot of information at the moment so the system will be priceless to our staff, saving lots of time.”

A module that MCS Group is particularly excited about is Drawing Management.  Union Square allows you to automate the control and distribution of documents and drawings, reducing project administration and saving your business time.  This will form part of the new streamlined, collaborative approach that MCS Group is adopting.