The award-winning consulting engineering business, Morgan Tucker has chosen Union Square for AEC Professionals as the partner to support its ambitious growth strategy. In the last three years, Morgan Tucker has grown from 20 staff to 150 and has the desire to expand further. This has left the current information management systems feeling dated and unable to keep up with demand.

Most of the systems in place are Excel based and were created independently for separate functions. Morgan Tucker wanted a system that would not only support the business’s recent growth but would act as a platform for future expansion. Financial Director, Ted Swordy also wanted tighter control on financial information, something Union Square provides. With the Project Accounting module, Morgan Tucker will have a snapshot of a project’s performance, enabling project managers to make fast, informed decisions. The business also recognised Union Square’s ability to encourage the sharing of information on a company-wide scale.

“Everyone works locally, so information isn’t shared as much as we would like. Commercial decisions are made by individuals rather than consistently as a business, we want this to change and to start operating with continuity.” – Matthew Tucker, Managing Director.

Ted Swordy, along with key stakeholders in the business reviewed the market and compared various solutions. Union Square proved to be the best value for money, with a proven track record of working with similar AEC businesses. Morgan Tucker will be able to accomplish the continuity Matthew Tucker spoke of and collaborate effectively between their seven offices. Information is stored centrally so staff have instant access, regardless of location. Matthew also understood the commercial advantage to an integrated solution:

Union Square will give us consistency across our commercial teams with control and proper approval processes. As we continue to grow, we see Union Square as a platform that will grow with us.”