Paul de Ruiter seeks an efficient approach

Since forming in 1994, Paul de Ruiter Architects has focused on sustainable, innovative architecture and has carried out a wide range of projects across The Netherlands. The practice employs 24 people and has plans to grow. Senior management decided they needed a system to manage project information and monitor profitability.

Union Square provides information management software to over 400 organisations and more than 40,000 users, with offices in the UK, Australasia and North America. Paul de Ruiter Architects is Union Square’s first venture into The Netherlands and with the global challenges facing the construction industry, it represents a promising new market.

Paul de Ruiter currently uses several different programs to manage information, none of which are connected. Information is stored in separate locations, which can lead to data duplication and leave staff with a backlog of administrative tasks.

“We want to improve how we manage project information and we know it’s important to have information in the right place. We looked at various local systems but none were as user friendly as Union Square. It is the best system that I have seen for architects.” ­– Annemiek Bleumink, Director.

Union Square will give Paul de Ruiter more control over its projects. By offering project staff complete visibility, it enables them to work smarter while reducing their dependence on senior management. People have instant access to centrally stored information, providing them with a snapshot of a project’s performance at any given time. Instead of trawling through multiple spreadsheets to decipher the profitability of a project, Union Square puts this information in your hands, enabling you to plan your resources and manage your time easily.

Annemiek discussed how Union Square fits into the practice’s strategy:

“We will continue to expand and need to ensure we keep working efficiently. Union Square will contribute to this effective way of working and we are really looking forward to using the system.”