PDR to have transparency across all projects

After recently celebrating its 21st anniversary, PDR Construction is firmly established as one of the largest independent construction businesses working throughout the United Kingdom, having built projects in excess of £0.5 billion. The business has decided to replace its various different information management systems with the leading enterprise solution, Union Square for Construction. The key objective for PDR is to integrate its IT infrastructure and departments, to work in a joined-up, efficient way.

One of the systems that PDR uses is SharePoint, an application that works reasonably well, albeit with several issues. It requires a number of third party ‘hook ins’ to operate fully, a lot of which aren’t being used properly. As a result, departments each work in their own way; information isn’t shared around the business and on-site staff keep hold of important documents until returning to the office. Different departments then rely on particular members of staff to search for information, wasting fee-earning time.

“Information isn’t managed as well as it could be, the company functioned, but not in a uniformed way. We want more transparency across the business.” -  Nigel Weatherall, Commercial Director.

An existing Union Square client recommended Union Square to PDR, which led senior management to investigate how it could improve their own information management. There were several key objectives that PDR wanted to achieve with a new system, these included increased visibility across departments, quick information retrieval, version control and fully integrating the business.

“Union Square promotes the idea that information can always be reached within a few clicks, this is a philosophy we really buy into. We want a common data environment that would run across the whole company, where everyone can access the information relevant to them.”

PDR wanted to prevent the repetition of email traffic, having multiple people cc’d and responding to emails at the same time. Union Square stores emails centrally, tagging them against the relevant project and contact records. A project record will then display all the emails related to that project, so staff don’t have to store emails in their inboxes. PDR also struggled with different versions of the same document being used, with staff saving their own copies locally. With Union Square, just like emails, documents are saved centrally so users are all working from the latest version, and with a full version history, any mistakes can be easily rectified.

“We will have complete transparency of all live projects; Union Square has a simple and specific way of laying out information so our project and office teams can work cohesively.”