People and information brought together at TJ Evers

Principal contractor TJ Evers is a highly respected multi-disciplinary organisation, providing quality buildings tailored to individual client requirements.  With a large workforce in place, the management team at TJ Evers were keen to integrate their systems and improve efficiency throughout the organisation.  It was this desire to progress that led the company to invest in Union Square for Construction in early 2014.

Before implementing Union Square, TJ Evers managed information using yellow folders as well as manually filing important hard copy documents.  As communication evolved and the digital age became increasingly difficult to ignore, TJ Evers recognised the construction industry was embracing digital communication.  This drove the company to conduct an internal review of its information management process.

“Email management was becoming a problem; we didn’t have any way to store emails centrally and couldn’t link them to specific projects.  Instead, staff were saving them onto their own inboxes which meant information wasn’t shared effectively across the company.” – Alan Evers, Director.

In the absence of structured email management, staff were often encouraged to include multiple people into every email to ensure people don’t miss important information.  However, for TJ Evers the reality was that truly important information became diluted among hundreds of other emails that held little relevance to the recipient.  There was also the added problem of the increasing strain on the exchange server.  Alan could see this was an issue and was one of the key reasons he turned to Union Square for Construction, a project management system that allows the tagging of emails to specific projects and contacts, giving staff the power to access the information they need.

“A lot of our protocols and procedures were lost in translation.  We wanted a system that could facilitate the way that we wanted to operate and allow us to create set ways of working which would drive efficiencies.”

With Union Square for Construction, staff at TJ Evers now create standardised templates that are automatically generated from the system.  This ensures documentation, outgoing correspondence and reports are all consistent and saves the time it would usually take creating them.

Senior management at TJ Evers were offered the chance to speak with existing Union Square clients as well as attend an event that included live software presentations and client case studies.  This gave them real life examples of how the software has helped companies similar to theirs improve.  Now live with Union Square, TJ Evers has seen multiple benefits from using the integrated project management software.  Alan Evers goes on to explain:

“It is a happier working place for staff, with the level of information access available; staff feel they are a greater part of the business, especially those on site who can access the same project documents that they can in the office.  The system brings people and information together.”

Union Square will also allow TJ Evers to scale without employing more people to cope with administrative burdens.  The integrated approach revolutionises the admin team’s way of working, saving time and increasing efficiency.  It enables staff to focus on what they are good at, allowing the company to drive revenue growth.