Rapleys move to a centralised system

Rapleys is a property and planning consultancy, providing a range of services to the property and development market throughout the UK. Reliability, professionalism and innovation is at the core of Rapleys’ culture; the practice values the strong relationships it builds with its clients and strives for excellence on every project.

Rapleys has recently invested in Union Square for AEC Professionals, the document management system for businesses working in the built environment.

The business currently uses several different bespoke solutions, each specifically designed to complete a particular business function, such as contact management, accounting and work in progress reports. These systems work in isolation of each other, and not all support Rapleys’ objective of a paperless office, something senior management is striving to change.

“In the age of mobile working and paperless systems it has become increasingly difficult to collect, collaborate and share information. A good example is with our contacts database, especially with the increasing use of mobile phones. One single point of entry for contacts drives efficiency and the intelligence and interactive ability of Union Square will hopefully prove to be invaluable.”  – Justin Tuckwell, Partner.

With Union Square, Rapleys will be able to collaborate across departments, bringing the different areas of the business together, creating a streamlined centralised solution to its data management.

By adding your documents to the Union Square system, you then have an instant framework against which to reference. If you’re then looking at a contact, organisation, project or enquiry, you will be able to see all the associated documents, drawings, emails and images instantly. The user friendly, intuitive interface makes it easy to search and edit all this information; ensuring users don’t waste fee earning time.

“Union Square appealed to us because it was specific to the industry. They already had a proven track record in the property sector, so we feel confident they can deliver.”