Single system to improve HLM’s processes

Global practice, HLM Architects, has invested in Union Square so that it can bring its people and information together through a single information management system.

HLM currently uses a range of systems to handle different aspects of running its projects. Timesheets, fees and resourcing are managed independently and a separate system is used for document management. As the practice continued to grow the management team recognised there was an opportunity to drive efficiency across the entire business through integrating and streamlining its management of information using a single system.

“Information is stored in lots of different places, and practice growth is compounding the issue. We want to tie everything together in one system and we realised Union Square could do exactly that. We like the idea that information is never more than three clicks away. The system stores everything so we won’t have to waste time searching through endless folder structures.”  - Nick Beecroft, Director.

By storing project and practice information in a single location, Union Square ensures everyone has access to the information they need, when they need it. Integration with leading ledger systems means data duplication can be drastically reduced, freeing up fee-earning time to redistribute elsewhere. Dashboards can be personalised, so each user only sees information relevant to them. This can be controlled using specified roles, or categorised by department.

About HLM Architects

HLM Architects is a well-respected architectural practice with multiple offices across the UK, South Africa and the UAE. Its ‘one team culture’ forms a strong foundation for how it works and operates. This culture is well aligned with Union Square’s philosophy, making Union Square Software the obvious information management solution for HLM.