Space Syntax use technology to future-proof

Space Syntax provides expertise in urban planning, transport, building design, social interactions and spatial economics. With 25 years’ experience and employing 20 talented individuals, Space Syntax combines creativity and innovation in its approach to all its projects.

The business has recently invested in Union Square for AEC Professionals to integrate its business processes and save fee-earning time.

The current project management system has been causing a few issues with various applications resulting in the duplication of project information. This led senior management to consider various other options, including a bespoke system and various point solutions.

“Union Square offered a better return on investment than the other options we considered. The cost was justified by the amount of time it will save us on a daily basis.” – Ed Parham, Associate Director.

Union Square will manage Space Syntax’s project information in a more consistent way, making it easy to file and search for documents and emails. There will be a more accessible audit trail for all information, meaning documents can be traced quickly. Having an integrated system in place will reduce the double entry of data while improving the output of information. Senior Management wanted the functionality to create reports off the back of their project data, something Union Square facilitates. Ed Parham discussed how Union Square fits into their long-term strategy:

“We see Union Square as part of the framework to streamline our current processes. We are working towards ISO accreditation and recognise Union Square would be a big part in securing that. We are also planning to grow over the next few years and it’s important we get the best possible infrastructure in place now to future-proof the business.”