Tightening your grip on finances

Architecture 519 is a creative architectural practice, with a proven track record in the delivery of innovative, sustainable and commercially successful projects.  The company has invested in Union Square for Project Accounting, with the aim of supporting the company’s project and financial management.

“Union Square fits well with the way we are currently working, minimising the effort required in implementation.  From the outset we could see the potential benefits to be gained from using the system” – Andrew Brown, Director.

Different spreadsheets were being used across the practice, leaving departments feeling disjointed, with limited integration.  Architecture 519 was part of the government’s ‘Growth Accelerator Programme’, designed to support the development and growth of companies such as itself.  This led senior management to investigate improvements they could make to the management of information within their practice.  Financial management is one of Andrew’s significant responsibilities and he could see that the disconnected approach Architecture 519 operated with was more suited to the company in its former years.  With the growth the company was experiencing and a move into a new, larger office on the horizon, the decision to invest in Union Square for Project Accounting was made.  In an interview with Andrew, he went on to discuss the business case behind the decision to invest:

“We had several people spending most of their day completing particular tasks that Union Square would replace, allowing them to focus on responsibilities that add real value to the company.”

Integrated systems, connected departments and effective financial management are a few of the things that Union Square for Project Accounting provides.  Through effective resource forecasting, Architecture 519 can plan and manage finances efficiently and effectively.  Union Square provides a holistic view of resource allocation, utilisation and availability, meaning project runners are always in full control of projects and have a comprehensive and customisable reporting functionality readily available.