Union Square’s Charity of the Year

Union Square’s charity of the year, IT Schools Africa, has recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Over the last decade, they have supplied 44,000 essential computers to schools across 20 African countries.  It is thanks to these donations that many schools in Africa have access to computers.

They have recently completed a specialised computer lab in Malawi offering one computer per student; this is a huge improvement compared to before, where students often had one computer between four.  Some schools even struggle to provide the most basic items such as desks and chairs, this is why the work IT schools Africa are doing is so important.  With the improved opportunities these children are being given, they are getting the chance to learn vital skills needed for them to get a job in the modern day workplace.

The charity aims to equip every major secondary school in Malawi with a complete IT lab.  This work across Africa is vital to the development of the education system and in giving these children the chance for a better education. Without donations from the UK none of this would be possible and as they aim to send over 7,000 computers a year, help is always required! They are also always happy to accept donations of any working equipment. For more information on IT Schools Africa, click here.