Union Square’s first New Zealand event!

Since opening its first overseas office in Australia two years ago, Union Square has enjoyed increasing success with a variety of clients signing up from across the construction industry.  With a wealth of experience in running informative events in the UK and more recently in Australia, Union Square decided to continue this tradition of successful seminars in Auckland, New Zealand where Union Square’s client base is starting to grow.  New Zealand based clients now include Peddle Thorp, United Civil Construction and Dempsey Wood with more expected to follow.

Over 30 construction industry professionals came along to discover the advantages of using Union Square, gain industry insight and network with other like-minded individuals.  Miller Guirguis and Richard Atkins of Peddle Thorp supported the event by providing an insight into their organisation’s way of working, offering valuable advice on how they successfully implemented an integrated information management system.

This was Union Square’s first event in New Zealand, and it will definitely be considered a success.  If you missed the event but feel it would have benefitted you or your business then you will be happy to learn we will be hosting a second event in New Zealand next year, so keep an eye on Union Square’s events page.  Events are just one of the ways in which Union Square shares knowledge; there are brochures, case studies and E-books available through the website, as well as the opportunity to book a consultation for your business.  This can be done at your office or from the comfort of your desk through an online environment.