Union Square ‘em-Braces’ latest charity event

Last Saturday, 20 brave members of Union Square assembled along the banks of the River Trent at The National Watersports Centre. In front of them lay an arduous and tricky course filled with mud trenches, steep wall climbs, commando crawls and a 200m swim through a grade 2 white water river to top it all off!

The team were in good spirits and even as the Great British weather started to turn, they lined up to begin. After a quick warm up led by the event organisers, they were off, but the course soon proved to be trickier than many in the team had at first hoped. An initial plunge into the breathtakingly cold river ensured the team were weighed down with soaking wet clothes and every obstacle that followed was designed to put the team through their paces. The runners slipped, climbed, swam and crawled their way around the course, all the way cheered along by friends, family and other members of the crowd. When they finally reached the finish line the exhausted team were relieved it was over but proud of what they had all achieved.

The purpose of the event was to raise money for the Brace Alzheimer’s Foundation.  In total, Union Square is proud to announce a total of £3209 was raised towards this fantastic cause, which made all the pain worth it in the end! Now the team are back in the office, albeit a little bruised and are raring to go to get planning their next charity event.

For more information on Brace Alzheimer’s Foundation and the work they are doing click here.