Union Square joins Institute of Customer Service

As part of Union Square’s ongoing commitment to providing the highest level of customer service, the business is delighted to announce it is now a member of the Institute of Customer Service.

Jo Causon, Chief Executive of the Institute of Customer Service comments:

“I’m delighted to welcome Union Square as members of the Institute of Customer Service. It’s a sign of intent and recognises the importance of delivering excellent service to customers.  By joining forces with organisations from a wide variety of sectors, Union Square is making a clear statement that the customer experience is at the heart of all they do, all they are characterised by and that they have a strong desire to continuously improve it.”

“Membership of the Institute also provides the opportunity to benchmark against other organisations in a range of sectors; opportunities to share with and learn from other members within the extensive network; access to our research and insight; and the opportunity to drive service professionalism, through our customer service qualifications programmes.”

The institute is an independent professional membership body for customer service that provide tools and services to organisations helping them to improve their customer’s experience and business performance. By joining the institute, Union Square is demonstrating its dedication to improving and developing its service as a whole.

“At Union Square we aim to provide not only targeted software solutions but also long term partnerships with our clients. I believe that a key to this is our customer service.  Our membership of the ICS provides us with tools to measure our customer service both internally and against a broad range of organisations in various sectors. This will allow us to benchmark ourselves against companies that are recognised for great service and identify and correct any gaps. With our clients’ input we can then focus our efforts on improvements that will benefit them the most and adopt best practices to support our services.” – Jacqui Blakemore, Support and Implementation Director.

An important philosophy at Union Square is the relationships built and maintained with its clients, so this was an important step for the company. Being able to build on current strengths and make any necessary improvements is paramount to any business, so Union Square is looking forward to beginning this process.