William Davis embraces collaborative platform as business continues to develop

William Davis Ltd has been building award-winning quality homes across the Midlands for over 80 years. Consistently committed to craftsmanship, traditional values and providing outstanding service, William Davis is one of the most trustworthy names in the industry.

The coming year will see further investment and a focus on the improvement of business systems and technology across the company. To facilitate this, the company has selected Union Square for Construction to help streamline the management of project information, including introducing a companywide Intranet.

“We currently have multiple copies of documents and drawings stored in shared folders, and it can be difficult to know if the latest versions are being used. We need a collaborative platform allowing us to share all our information quickly.” – David Dodge, Development Director.

The various shared folders were taking up too much server space, as well as being difficult to navigate. Union Square will improve the way this aspect of the business operates and enable users to commit more time to production and other value-added tasks.

“Union Square will offer us a rational and logical way of filing our documents, emails and drawings. It will be much easier to search for information, to share this with colleagues and we will always know that we will be accessing the latest version.”

Union Square will enable effective internal communication through the introduction of a companywide Intranet which the Davis team has elected to call ‘The Hub’. From now on there will be a single location to access company policies and procedures, record leave and access company news. The William Davis team operates across multiple development sites, and having a centralised communication platform will help everyone involved in the business collaborate and work more effectively.